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The British Columbia Utilities Commission (BCUC) has launched Phase 2 of its inquiry into the acquisition of renewable natural gas (RNG) by public utilities in British Columbia (RNG Inquiry).

Phase 1 of the RNG Inquiry explored:

  • the definition of biomethane and RNG;
  • the characteristics of RNG;
  • how RNG is delivered;
  • how RNG differs from conventional natural gas; and
  • the appropriate calculations for the annual amount of RNG acquired by a public utility, as set out in the BC government’s Greenhouse Gas Reduction Regulation.

The BCUC issued a Final Phase 1 Report, which incorporated feedback received on the Draft Phase 1 Report.

As a result of questions raised and submissions filed during Phase 1 of the RNG Inquiry, the BCUC initiated Phase 2 to further examine issues arising in Phase 1 about how RNG can be acquired, to provide the opportunity to respond to the submissions received in Phase 1, and to allow for submissions on questions raised in the Final Phase 1 Report. Clarifying these items will help the BCUC review future application from public utilities interested in acquiring RNG and to determine if the application qualifies as a prescribed undertaking, pursuant to the BC government’s Clean Energy Act.

Further information, including how to participate in the BCUC’s RNG Inquiry is provided below.

BCUC Order G-213-22 – Establishing Regulatory Process, Timetable and Public Notice

BCUC RNG Inquiry – BCUC Order G-213-22 Timetable and Regulatory Process

BCUC Proceeding Website

Regulatory Timetable

Public Notice


PNG 2023-2024 ECI Funding Application

BCUC Order G-6-22 – Establishing Regulatory Process and Timetable

PNG 2023-2024 ECI App – BCUC Order G-318-22A Timetable

BCUC Proceeding Website

Regulatory Timetable