Efficient Boilers for Non-Profit

Commercial Efficient Boiler Replacement Program for Non-Profits

PNG is now offering incentives up to $18,000 to Non-Profit or Public Housing Providers who purchase and install high efficiency natural gas fired boilers to replace their existing boilers.

PNG will fund a portion of the cost of the qualifying high efficiency boiler to a maximum of $18,000.

How to Qualify

To qualify for this program, you need to meet a few simple conditions:
  • You must be a PNG natural gas customer who owns or operates a registered charity that provides assistance to low-income persons, or a housing provider that is:

a. local government
b. housing society registered under the Societies Act
c. a housing co-op registered under the Cooperative Association Act or
d. a governing body of an Indigenous band, provided the housing is primarily for low-income households

  • You must be a property owner or long-term lease holder of an existing commercial building.
  • You must use the boiler for space, pool and/ or process heating.  (Note: backup, standby or secondary are not eligible for a rebate.)
  • You must purchase and install a high efficiency boiler having a thermal efficiency of 90% or greater. Refer to ENERGY STAR® certified boiler and AHRI certified™ commercial boilers list.
  • You must submit an application to PNG for approval prior to the purchase and installation.

* You can find a complete list of requirements in the program’s terms and conditions.

How to Apply

Applications must be submitted for approval by PNG prior to purchasing and installing the boiler. If you have already purchased and/or installed the equipment, please contact savingenergy@png.ca for potential eligibility.
  1. Review the program’s terms and conditions (available here).
  2. Download and save a copy of the application form (available here).
  3. Email a copy of the completed application form to:  commercialrebates@png.ca prior to the purchase or installation of the boiler.
  4. Once you have received a letter from PNG stating that PNG has approved the application, you may purchase and install the boiler.
  5. You must purchase and install the boiler and submit your Completion Documents all within nine (9) months after receiving approval from PNG.
  6. Ensure the boiler you plan to buy is an ENERGY STAR® or AHRI certified™ boiler. If you have any questions, please contact us before you purchase and install a boiler.
  7. Contact a gas or mechanical contractor, licensed with Technical Safety BC, to install your boiler(s). You can find one through Technical Safety BC’s website.
  8. Have your qualified contractor install the boiler.
  9. Email your Completion Documents to commercialrebates@png.cawithin nine (9) months after receiving approval from PNG.  Your contractor may be able to help you in completing the application form. Be sure to provide copies of:
    • Completion Documentation Submission Form (available here).
    • The Gas Notification of Completion, Installation or Alteration form from your municipality or the Technical Safety BC.
    • The fully paid invoice including make, model number and serial number of Eligible Boiler(s) purchase and installed.


Completion documents including the proof of purchase and installation must be received no later than nine (9) months after receiving approval from PNG.


For more information call us toll free at 1-800-667-2297 or email us at savingenergy@png.ca

Please send completed applications to:


Note: If you cannot forward your application documents via email, please contact PNG at the phone number above to arrange an alternate method of delivery.