Gas Meter Access & Safety

Gas Meter Access & Safety

Your natural gas meter, located outside of your home or business, is how the natural gas safely enters your premises. It also measures your use each month, so it is important to ensure it performs optimally and is protected from potential risks.

Below are a Few Tips to Help You Keep it Safe:

  • Ensure access – Keeping the area around your natural gas meter clear ensures that it can be reached safely at all times.
  • Keep it clear throughout the year – Keep your gas meter clear of leaves, snow and ice during the fall and winter months. Protect the meter from overhead hazards such as snow build-up on your roof. During the spring and summer months, keep the area around the meter free of plants, shrubbery and landscaping.
  • Avoid leaning things against it – Leaning things like bikes and garbage bins against your meter or piping can cause damage and should be avoided
  • Avoid tying things to it –Do not fasten pets on leashes, garden hoses or clotheslines which can all cause damage and create an unsafe situation.
  • Keep it uncovered – Don’t build structures around or over the meter and piping, such as a shed or deck.
  • Protect from vehicles – Additional protection is required for meters in vehicle-accessible areas to prevent it from it accidentally being bumped. Options include steel posts or concrete barriers.

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If you are concerned that your meter may be damaged, please contact the PNG 24/7 emergency line at 1-800-663-1173 and we will come out, free of charge to inspect it.