PNG is maintaining service to Cecil Lake customers amidst damage to pipeline servicing the PNG system

July 24 5:30 p.m.

At approximately 1:00 p.m. today, Pacific Northern Gas was informed by Enbridge Gas that there was an impact to their Pipeline, which services the PNG Cecil Lake Station and supplies natural gas to the Cecil Lake area.

PNG is maintaining service to a majority of its Cecil Lake customers by using gas already in the system and arranging for additional gas supply to be delivered to the area this evening.

We are in contact with the local authorities, who have been kept informed.

Our immediate priority is to ensure the continuity of supply to the Cecil Lake area.

As a result of the damage, PNG immediately activated its emergency plan and has put measures in place to isolate the system, maintain supply, arrange for additional gas supply and develop contingency plans.

Public and employee safety, and reliability of service, are PNG’s top priorities. Our system has an excellent reliability and safety record as a result of our commitment to system maintenance and safe practices for those working on and around our system.

Thank you to everyone assisting us with this response. We will release further information as it becomes available.

PNG 24-Hour Emergency Line