Pacific Northern Gas Conducting Emergency Exercise near Terrace

Emergency preparedness is an important aspect of PNG’s commitment to safety

TERRACE, April 9, 2024 – Today, Pacific Northern Gas Ltd. (PNG) announced that it would be conducting an emergency exercise on Wednesday, April 10, from 9 am to 11:30 am in the Thornhill area, near Terrace.

The disruption to the public will be minimal. During the exercise, members of the public may see increased vehicular and personnel presence as PNG conducts its activities, as well as emergency exercise signage. There will be no natural gas released during this exercise.

During the exercise period, members of the public in the Thornhill area are asked to be mindful and cautious if PNG personnel are present or if they are travelling in the vicinity of PNG’s pipeline.

PNG’s top priority is the safety of its people, its customers and the communities it serves. 

PNG runs regular exercises throughout the year to test protocols, procedures, communications, and planning for emergencies and incidents. Depending on the nature of the simulated scenario being practiced, emergency exercises may be planned and implemented in coordination with safety partners such as emergency services, community leaders and industry stakeholders.

Emergency preparedness, including regularly conducting emergency exercises, is part of PNG’s safety commitment to the communities in which it operates. PNG’s Emergency Response Plans, as regulated by the British Columbia Energy Regulator (BCER), reflect the company’s standards of operational excellence and ensure that PNG is prepared if and when an emergency occurs.

PNG has a safety culture of continuous improvement, and learnings from each exercise are used to update response plans and reinforce collective emergency response preparedness at all levels.

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About Pacific Northern Gas Ltd. PNG has been providing homes, communities and businesses with safe, reliable energy since 1968. PNG proudly serves approximately 42,000 residential, commercial and industrial customers in more than 20 communities across northern B.C. PNG is a wholly-owned subsidiary of TriSummit Utilities Inc.