Pipeline Safety

Damage Prevention

Transmission pipelines are constructed with pressure tested steel and covered with a protective coating to prevent corrosion. Pacifc Northern Gas Ltd. (PNG) utilizes a 24-hour per day Gas Control Centre with computer control of its pipeline system, commonly referred to as SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) to aid in the safe operation of its system. This system allows pipeline operations staff to monitor pipeline flow, pressure conditions and trends, to start and stop compressor units, and to open or close pressure control valves – all from a central control center. The SCADA system is capable of detecting and correcting various events that could impact system integrity. Unusual conditions trigger alarms to which field staff respond to verify problems and take corrective action if necessary. PNG also conducts regular aerial and land surveillance of the pipeline to check for corrosion, leaks, vegetation, and development encroachment.

The Pipeline Right-of-Way

A pipeline is installed in a right-of-way granted by a landowner or legally acquired by PNG. Once the pipeline right-of-way has been established, PNG uses the land for the construction, operation and maintenance of its pipeline. Although the landowner retains ownership of the land in which the right-of-way is located, the landowner has a responsibility to abide by the regulations and safety practices of PNG and the provincial government.

Did You Know?

Permission is required from PNG for the operation of heavy vehicles or mobile equipment over the right-of-way where a roadway does not exist. Permission is required from PNG for activities which reduce the overall cover over the pipe. Permission is required from PNG for any activity considered potentially hazardous to the pipeline. This may include:

  • Operating heavy equipment
  • Sub-soiling (deep ploughing)
  • Ground leveling
  • Installing drainage systems
  • Auguring
  • Fencing
  • Drilling and blasting
  • Construction of logging or access roads

Permission is not required for normal farming activity over the right-of-way. If in doubt, please give us a call. Permission is required to do seismic exploration or blasting within 30 metres of the pipeline right-of-way. No buildings or structures are permitted on the right-of-way.

Location of Pipeline

One or more pipelines may be installed within the right-of-way. Remember, only an authorized PNG field representative can accurately locate a buried pipeline. Once the pipeline has been located and marked, excavation may proceed only in the presence of the authorized PNG field representative.

The Restricted Area

An authorized PNG field representative may establish a restricted area to safely locate and stake a pipeline. The limits of the restricted area are temporary and may exceed the limits of the right-of-way and the controlled area. Once the pipeline has been located, staked and the meanings of those stakes explained to the affected party, the restricted area will expire. Excavation is not permitted in the restricted area.

If further assistance is required with any excavation or construction activity near a pipeline, please contact BC One Call at 1-800-474-6886 or in the case of an emergency phone 1-800-663-1173.

Commitment to Safety

The safe operation of a pipeline requires the cooperation of our company and you, the landowner. It is in the best interest of all parties to ensure that any excavation, construction activity, use of heavy equipment or blasting over or near pipelines is carried out safely. PNG conducts regular safety checks of their pipelines to ensure the pipelines meet all Pipeline Act guidelines and regulations. Your safety requires good planning and good communication with our company.

Working within 30m of Pipeline Right of Ways

Written Permission to Excavate and Construct

Application Form – Works within 30m of PNG Pipeline Right of Ways

Pipeline Crossing & Proximity Guide

The exact location of a buried pipeline can only be verified by an authorized PNG field representative. Depth or location may vary within the boundaries of the right-of-way. The Pipeline Act regulations require that written permission be obtained from our company prior to any construction or excavation within 30 metres of a pipeline. Once written permission has been obtained, the authorized pipeline company field representative will locate and mark the pipeline.

We Can Help

PNG will help you to obtain written permission for any construction or excavation activity across or near our pipeline. We’ll provide guidelines for excavation with mechanical equipment or blasting near our pipelines.

Our company will provide an authorized pipeline company field representative during construction or excavation activity occurring close to a pipeline. Unauthorized construction or excavation activity over or near a pipeline is illegal.