Click or Call Before You Dig

Click or Call Before You Dig

Whether you are a homeowner planning a garden project or a contractor on a job site you must contact click on or call BC 1 Call at 1-800-474-6886 to request location information for buried utilities like gas lines to ensure safety and avoid project delays.

There’s no charge for this service and BC 1 Call will notify all member companies that have buried utilities in your identified dig area.

Once notified by BC 1 Call, Pacific Northern Gas (PNG) will be in contact with you to come out and mark the location of the gas line.

Activities On or Near the Right of Way

Generally Acceptable Uses of the right of way that may include:
  • gardening, lawns, low shrubs
  • most farming activities
  • livestock
  • trails for hiking and horse riding
Uses Not Permitted on or near of the right of way may include:
  • structures and foundations (for example: garden sheds, patios, swimming pools, playhouses, satellite dishes, etc.)
  • trees
  • wells or pits
  • blasting
  • pile driving or augering
  • crossing with heavy equipment

Working within 30 metres of PNG Pipeline Right of Ways

When working in close proximity to PNG Right of Ways, your safety requires good planning and good communication with PNG.

  1. Obtain written permission from PNG.
  2. Allow ten working days for initial response from PNG.
  3. Once you have received permission, notify PNG three working days before beginning the excavation stage of your project.
  4. Follow the instructions of an authorized PNG representative.
  5. Mechanical excavation is prohibited within three metres of a pipeline, unless the pipeline has been exposed at the point of crossing.
  6. Notify PNG one working day before backfilling over the pipe. This will allow the pipe to be examined for damage which may have occurred during excavation.

Together, we can provide for the safe operation of gas lines.

For more information, contact or 1-800-667-2297