PNG’s Annual Meter Exchange Program Underway

Program ensures meters remain accurate, safe and reliable

TERRACE, June 3, 2024 – Today, Pacific Northern Gas Ltd. (PNG) reminded customers that its annual meter exchange program—the replacement of natural gas meters with new meters for a range of homes and businesses—is now underway. The 2024 program is expected to run until mid-September. 

“PNG’s annual meter exchange program helps to ensure that customers’ meters remain accurate, safe and reliable,” said Dominic Feenan, Director, Operations. “As part of our routine maintenance program, a select number of meters are scheduled each year for testing, replacement and exchange. This process, consistent with Measurement Canada and Electricity and Gas Inspections Act requirements, makes certain that meters are working to the highest standard of accuracy so that PNG can continue to provide reliable service to its customer base.”

For customers scheduled for a meter exchange, the process takes approximately 15 minutes from start to finish. There is no added cost to the customers.

To do the exchange, natural gas service may be temporarily shut off so the PNG technician can safely work. The technician will take the last reading on the customer’s current meter; shut off the natural gas supply to the current meter; remove the meter; install the new meter; take a reading; and turn the natural gas back on. These activities all happen outside the home.

Finally, when the exchange is completed, the customer’s natural gas appliances may need to be relit. The technician can do this, or if a customer is not comfortable having a technician enter their home, the technician can provide general guidance so the customer can complete the relights themself.

All PNG employees and contractors carry photo identification issued by PNG. PNG encourages customers to ask for ID before allowing a PNG technician to enter their home, and to refuse entry if the technician cannot produce company-issued ID. Customers can also call PNG’s Customer Care Centre at 1-800-667-2297 to verify that a PNG technician is working in your area.   

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