Customer Advantage

Account Management Portal & Online Billing

Enhancing Service for Our Customers

PNG has recently upgraded our systems in order to serve you better. Beginning August 3, 2021 our new Customer Advantage online portal gives each customer the opportunity to access their account information at any time. Rather than needing to call in to start a service or make a service request, customers will now be able to make these requests directly at their own convenience.

These changes reflect customer feedback about how customers wish to manage their accounts and receive information from us. However, you can choose to continue to manage your account through our Customer Care Centre.

The new Customer Advantage program provides extra convenience for those customers looking for online services.


More Services, at Your Convenience


What You Need to Know

PNG is pleased to be able to offer these services as we replace our previous customer information system that was nearing the end of its lifespan after several decades of service.

As we transition, there are a number of things to keep in mind:

  • You will receive a new account number on your August/September statement.
  • You can continue to choose to manage your account through our Customer Care Centre
  • In order to transition to the new system, Budget Billing Plan customers will receive a May or June settlement bill as normal, and then will then receive regular bills until the account is automatically re-enrolled in the Budget Billing Plan program in August. To learn more about Budget Billing, read our Frequently Asked Questions
  • Starting in August, Budget Billing applications will be available and enrolment will resume.


What You Need to Do

In order to ensure a smooth transition and to access your new Customer Advantage benefits, beginning August 3, you should:

  1. Update your new account number (available on your August statement) for any bill payments made through online or telephone banking. In the interim, payments to your old account will continue to be processed. Customers using PNG’s Pre-Authorized Payment program will have their new account number updated automatically.
  2. Set up your new Customer Advantage online profile with your new account number, which will be on your August statement.
  3. Re-enrol or enrol in Budget Billing. Starting in August, Budget Billing applications will be available and enrolment will resume.


Customer Benefits, for Your Advantage


Next Steps

Our Customer Advantage account management portal and online billing will launch on August 3, to provide enhanced customer service for those customers interested in online services.

The following information and contacts are being provided to all customers to communicate the changes and have an opportunity to receive any questions you may have.

  • May/June bills – All Budget Billing customers receive a letter updating them of the changes
  • June/July bills – All customers receive a bill message and a bill insert on the Customer Advantage new service offerings
  • August/September bills – All customers receive a newly designed bill statement with their new account number. A bill message and bill insert explaining the new bill is also included.


Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve received a number of questions about Customer Advantage and how it works. To learn more, read our Frequently Asked Questions.


Stay in Touch with Us

Questions about Customer Advantage will be answered through:

Online Form Toll-free Phone: 1-800-667-2297