Repairs to natural gas line approx. 15 km from Prince Rupert

Following the completion of all repairs on November 30, for a damaged PNG natural gas line located 15 kilometers from Prince Rupert, additional work on the line is now complete.

Throughout our response, PNG’s priorities were ensuring both public safety and the continuity of gas supply to Prince Rupert and Port Edward in order to prevent any service interruptions for our customers.

Public and employee safety is the number one priority for PNG. Following the damage, we immediately implemented our well-practiced emergency plan. We began by ensuring the safety of the site where the damage occurred, stopping the flow of gas from the damaged pipe and completing the necessary repairs. We maintained natural gas supply to all customers by using liquified natural gas that was trucked in by tanker.  Following the initial repair, we then completed additional work on the gas line to ensure the safe and reliable delivery of natural gas

Thank you to all involved in the response and repairs. Our system has an excellent safety record as a result of our commitment to maintenance and safe practices for those working on and around our system.