Preferred Contractor Program

Exclusive access to some of PNG’s newest offers and rebates

PNG has developed the PNG Preferred Contractor (PC) List for its Smart Energy Solutions to connect customers with reliable and knowledgeable contractors and quality energy efficiency products. Read on to find out more.

Your organization is eligible to apply if:

  • Service area (gas) – provide natural gas products and services within the PNG service territory as more specifically identified on the PNG service territory map(s) available on PNG’s website
  • Years in business – at least two (2) years since date of application.   (Businesses with less than two years may be considered at PNG’s discretion and may be subject to increased compliance evaluations.)
  • Business license – valid business license for each jurisdiction in which the contractor carry on business
  • TSBC license – licensed and in good standing with Technical Safety BC
  • WorkSafeBC – Preferred and in good standing with WorkSafeBC, or third-party disability coverage
  • Licenses and registrations – have all applicable licenses, registrations, permits and other authorizations as required by law or any governmental authority, including under the Safety Standards Act of BC for the operation of the contractor business
  • Insurance – public liability insurance of at least five million dollars ($5,000,000) per occurrence
  • References – satisfactory financial and other references acceptable to PNG
  • Gas fitter – If the contractor provides gas services, maintain at least one “B” gasfitter on staff or on contract

Your organization will benefit from:

  • Registrant identification
    • designation as a PC;
    • right to identify as a PC and to use such designation in advertising related to eligible services, subject to some restrictions
  • Customer benefits – the opportunity for the contractor customers to participate in PNG’s Smart Energy Solutions, as available, subject to the terms and conditions of such programs
  • Program assistance – such as product information, sales and management training seminars, etc., at minimal or no cost
  • Directory listing – inclusion of any one or more of the contractor business name, logo and contact information in PNG’s publicly available directory/listing of PCs
  • Program Materials – access to, and notice of, PNG program materials promoting natural gas products and energy conservation measures
  • Promotion references – reference in specific program promotional materials, including internal and external communications, issued by PNG from time to time. PNG will use reasonable efforts to provide advance notice of the timing and particulars of such promotions
  • Incentive and Other Programs – opportunity to participate in certain incentive and other programs as determined and offered by PNG from time to time

How does an organization apply?

An organization must first apply to the Preferred Contractor program generally, and then apply to receive rebates from individual programs separately as the terms and conditions will vary between programs. These applications may be submitted concurrently.

General Preferred Contractor Application:

Home Tune Up and Smart Thermostat Preferred Contractor Application:

Commercial Efficient HVAC Preferred Contractor Application:


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