Renewable Natural Gas Program

What is Renewable Natural Gas (RNG)?

Renewable natural gas is produced through the anaerobic digestion of organic waste materials, such as food scraps, agricultural and food processing waste, manure and even sewage. Unlike traditional natural gas, it is not a fossil fuel.

Bacteria break down organic materials, producing biogas – a mixture of methane and carbon dioxide. It is refined to remove impurities, leaving only methane gas. This processed biogas is called biomethane or Renewable Natural Gas (RNG).

RNG is chemically identical to natural gas and can be delivered through the same pipes. RNG meets our quality standards and can be used for the same purposes as natural gas.

Support RNG

Supporting RNG is a simple and flexible process! You can choose to support the production of RNG. Simply follow the link below, select the “Low Carbon Energy (LCE) Enrollment Form” from the drop down menu, and follow the instructions.* You can support an amount of RNG production equivalent to between 2% and 100% of the natural gas you consume.

The volume of RNG that is produced as a result of your support is listed on the itemized invoice detailing your total consumption of natural gas. No carbon tax is payable on this volume.

You may change or cancel your support of RNG at any time.

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* PNG’s Low Carbon Energy Program gives customers an option to support the production of an amount of RNG equivalent to a portion of their natural gas consumption. Customers can do this by converting a portion of their deliveries of natural gas to the LCE rate. The LCE rate represents the full cost of producing the RNG that is purchased by PNG.

Smart Energy Solutions Top-Up

Sign up for a blend of RNG and save even more when you apply for rebates on efficient  heating equipment through our Smart Energy Solutions program!

Apply for a rebate for:
Residential Dual-Fuel Ducted Heat Pump Top-Up + Support RNG production equivalent to at least 10% of your natural gas deliveries for at least one year. = Get an additional rebate of $200
Commercial Dual-Energy Space Heating System Support RNG production equivalent to at least 15% of your natural gas deliveries for at least one year. Get an additional rebate of $1,500
Commercial Gas-Fired Heat Pump
Dual-Energy Space Heating System Program for Non-Profits
Gas-Fired Heat Pump Program for Non-Profits

For more information call us toll free at 1-800-667-2297 or email us at


Supporting the production of RNG supply is an essential part of PNG’s efforts to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions associated with the energy used to heat homes and power businesses.

We’re doing our part to reduce GHG emissions: By 2025, we plan to purchase RNG equivalent to the natural gas consumed by all our compressor stations, offices and warehouses.

RNG is an excellent source of renewable energy because the organic materials used to produce it can be replenished.

RNG is produced from organic material and is therefore carbon-neutral. That’s because this formerly living material took carbon dioxide from the air while growing. Therefore, the combustion of RNG does not increase the amount of CO2 present in the atmosphere but it makes it circulate in short carbon cycles. CO2 emissions are avoided anytime RNG replaces a fossil fuel.

PNG purchases RNG from sources connected to a natural gas pipeline system. North America’s natural gas systems are all interconnected, so when RNG is injected into the system, it mixes with conventional natural gas that is delivered and consumed somewhere on the natural gas network. This means that RNG cannot be directed to a specific location. However, reducing GHG emissions benefits us all, regardless of where it occurs. So when you sign up through our program, you are supporting the production and use of RNG, and you are creating the GHG emission reduction by replacing the burning of conventional natural gas with RNG. The more RNG that is added to the system, the less conventional natural gas we’ll use overall, and the lower our GHG emissions.

Yes. The cost gap between RNG and traditional natural gas is based on different production processes and costs, and on supply and demand for renewable energy. RNG is more expensive than natural gas, but because RNG is carbon neutral, no carbon tax is payable on it.

Supporting the production of even a small amount of RNG can make a difference. Because RNG is carbon-neutral, your support reduces GHG emissions into our atmosphere. For a typical residential customer using 88 GJ per year, converting a portion of their natural gas service to the LCE rate reduces GHG emissions, and impacts their monthly costs as shown in the graphic below:

By converting a portion of your natural gas service to the Low Carbon Energy (LCE) rate, you are supporting the production of RNG, and the reduction of GHG emissions. For example, a customer consuming 88 GJ of natural gas per year, who converts 10% of their natural gas service to the LCE rate, will pay an extra $16 per month that pays for the production of 8.8 GJ of RNG. The use of 8.8 GJ RNG on the North American gas system reduces GHG emissions by 0.5 tonnes CO2e.

** Actual results may be higher or lower, depending on your consumption.

Yes. You can change your mind and opt out at any time, without penalty or cost, by simply calling our Customer Care Centre or modifying your level of support of RNG back to 0% through the Customer Care Link. We require 30-days notice for cancellation and for the change to be reflected on your next billing cycle.

Yes. You can participate if you are a sales service customer (you buy your gas from PNG) and are in one of the following rate classes: RS1, RS2, RS3, RS4, RS5, and RS6.

Statements regarding Pacific Northern Gas Ltd.’s environmental performance are accurate as of the time of issuance and are based on adequate and proper methodologies at such time. Pacific Northern Gas Ltd. is committed to regularly reviewing the environmental standards it uses to substantiate environmental claims.