Smart Energy Leaders

PNG is Bringing Energy to the Classroom

We understand that teaching kids about energy – where energy comes from, how to conserve it, and how to stay safe around it – is an important part of raising our kids to be leaders of tomorrow.

In partnership with the Northern Environmental Action Team (NEAT), we’ve created Smart Energy Leaders. This fun, educational, and interactive program provides the tools you need to teach grade 4 and 5 students about the sources of natural gas and electricity, safety around natural gas and electrical equipment, and ideas on why and how to conserve these forms of energy.

To help you bring this program to life in your classroom, you can book a presentation with NEAT, download supplemental lesson plans as well as the Energy Workbook, and request additional resources like bookmarks and playing cards. Together, we can create the Smart Energy Leaders of tomorrow.

Discover Lesson Plans

Teach your students about what energy is, energy safety, energy and the environment, energy conservation, types of energy, and the future of energy. You can view all lesson plans or filter by category, length and curriculum type. Our lesson plans are appropriate for students in grades 4 and 5 and cover a variety of subjects, from art to science.

Book a Presentation

To enhance the Smart Energy Leaders program, NEAT offers interactive
presentations for grade 4 and 5 classrooms throughout the Peace Region
and the PNG-West area.

If you’re a teacher who is interested in scheduling a presentation for your
class, you can contact NEAT by using the button below to go to our contact form.

Smart Energy Leaders Workbook

Download and print our Smart Energy Leaders Workbook and
learn about energy, conservation and safety through fun
puzzles, games, and quizzes.

Resources for free: Mailed directly to your classroom!

Send us an email and we’ll send you bookmarks and games to
provide to your students so they can continue to learn about
energy safety and conservation.