Our Smart Energy Solutions programs, available for Residential and Business, are helping customers become more energy efficient. Rebates and product upgrades lead to better use of energy and a lower carbon footprint, more efficient and reliable equipment, and savings on monthly utility bills.


Home Heating System Tune Up and Smart Thermostat Program

Enjoy the benefits of improved energy efficiency without the cost of upgrading your entire heating system. The performance of your natural gas furnace or boiler will be greatly improved, and with the addition of an innovative Smart Thermostat to simplify energy management, you’ll enjoy further energy and financial savings.

Energy Saving Kit Program

In partnership with BC Hydro we provide free Energy Saving Kits for income-qualified households. Our free kit contains easy to install energy saving products that can help make your home more comfortable, and save you money on your heating and electricity bills.

Energy Conservation and Assistance Program

If you live in an income-qualifying household you could be eligible for free help to improve the comfort and efficiency of your home through the Energy Conservation Assistance Program, offered in partnership with BC Hydro.


Energy Efficient Boiler Replacement Rebate Program

If you’re looking to replace your existing commercial boiler with an ENERGY STAR® or AHRI certified™ natural gas fired model, you can enjoy money back along with your energy savings. Receive up to $11,000 in rebates through our Energy Efficient Boiler Replacement Rebate Program.

Energy Efficient Boiler Replacement Program for Non-Profits

We offer incentives of up to $18,000 to Non-Profit or Public Housing Providers who purchase and install ENERGY STAR® or AHRI certified™ natural gas fired boilers to replace their existing boilers.

Energy Efficient Water Heater Replacement Rebate Program

The Energy Efficient Water Heater Replacement Rebate Program will have your rebates flowing, as well as the supply of hot water. If you replace your existing hot water heater with a high efficiency natural gas fired model, take advantage of rebates up to $2,000.

Commercial Efficient HVAC Controls Program

We offer up to $3,250 in individual incentives to  business and institutional customers when you upgrade your Commercial Efficient HVAC Controls through our Preferred Contractor Network.

Commercial and Industrial Custom Efficiency Program

Are you looking to improve the energy efficiency of your commercial, industrial or institutional building or facility? PNG will work with you to identify opportunities and develop customized solutions to enhance energy efficiency.

Commercial Efficient Kitchens Program

As part of our Commercial Efficient Kitchens Program, you can receive a free Pre-Rinse Spray Valve. These Spray Valves not only use less water, which will help save on costs, but also deliver an improved spray pattern, removing food quickly and effectively.


Energy Step Code Support Program

Improving the airtightness of your residential construction project’s building envelope will enhance the home’s energy efficiency. Homeowners or contractors can receive rebates of $400 per mid-construction blower door test for a single-family home or $300 per test on each unit of a semi-detached home.

Energy Advisor Rebate Program

Are you an energy advisor operating in PNG’s service territories? PNG’s Energy Advisor Rebate Program provides equipment rebates—ranging from $100 up to $3,000—to help you improve the energy efficiency of homes and businesses located in the communities PNG serves.

Deep Energy Retrofit Pilot Program

PNG’s Deep Energy Retrofit Pilot Program helps homeowners and businesses drastically reduce energy consumption and lower greenhouse gas emissions. Improve the energy efficiency of your building to save money on heating and enhance the comfort of your home or office.



Energy Saving Tips

Conservation is about using the energy we consume more efficiently. This means using less energy to achieve the same outcome. Check out our energy saving tips to learn how you can start saving today.

Smart Energy Leaders

Teaching kids about where energy comes from, how to conserve it and how to stay safe around it is an important part of raising our kids to be leaders of tomorrow. Find out about our education programs and presentations for kids.

Apply today, and take advantage of these energy saving programs.

Enjoy the rebates and benefits that come with your more energy efficient home or business.