Commercial Efficient HVAC Controls Program

Commercial Efficient HVAC Controls Program

PNG is now offering up to $3,250 in individual incentives to its business and institutional customers when you upgrade your Commercial Controls through our Preferred Contractor Network.

How to Qualify

  1. You must be a PNG commercial rate class natural gas customer or a provider of non-profit or public housing.
  2. You must be a property owner or long-term lease holder of an existing building.
  3. You must purchase and install one or more of the Eligible Measures identified below.
  4. The Eligible Measure must be installed by a PNG Preferred Contractor.

Eligible Measures

  • Boiler Outdoor Reset Controls – the lesser of 50% of the cost of eligible products and services or $1,750
    • This measure optimizes boiler operation by responding to changes in weather. It is achieved through the addition of controls that lower the outlet water temperature of space heating hot water boilers when the outdoor air temperature increases.
  • Advanced Rooftop Unit Controls – the lesser of 25% of the cost of eligible products and services or $1,625
    • This measure allows remote monitoring, and enables control of fan speed, economizer function, and the thermostat, making it easier, and cheaper, to maintain occupant comfort and system efficiency. This measure results in both heating and cooling savings.
  • Space Heating Boiler Tune-up – the lesser of 50% of the cost of eligible products and services or $900 for boiler capacity up to 250MBH, and up to $1,250 for boiler capacity over 250 MBH
    • This measure is for a non-residential boiler that provides space heating. The tune-up involves inspection and cleaning of the boiler, as well as optimizing the air/fuel ratio to reduce excess air and stack temperature, and recommissioning boiler controls.
  • Automatic Blowdown Valve -the lesser of 50% of the cost of eligible products and services or $2,500 for boiler capacity up to 250MBH, and up to $3,250 for boiler capacity over 250 MBH
    • This measure is for a steam boiler where feed water is chemically treated and a surface blowdown valve operates continuously to remove Total Suspended Solids (TDS) and undissolved solids that are left behind as feed water evaporates. The automatic blowdown feature has a sensor which measures the TDS level and triggers the valve to open whenever required to maintain TDS concentrations below maximum allowable limits.

Do you have any ideas specific to optimizing your control system that reduce your natural gas bill? We want to hear them! PNG provides incentives that cover up to 25 percent of the cost of a project that improves and optimizes HVAC or process control systems, to a maximum of $50,000. Contact for guidelines and requirements

How to Participate

  1. Connect with a PNG Preferred HVAC contractor to discuss your HVAC Control needs and schedule an appointment. All services should be agreed to in writing.
  2. Provide the contractor with access to your HVAC system for the appointment.
  3. Review important operations and maintenance information with the contractor.
  4. Sign the customer declaration.
  5. Review the contractor invoice. The PNG rebate for the Eligible Measures purchase and installation will be shown as a reduction in the amount owing on your invoice.

How to Find a Preferred Contractor

Contractors who register with PNG’s Commercial Efficient HVAC Controls Program have confirmed that they have met the basic qualification criteria and have agreed to a Code of Conduct. However, you are responsible for ensuring the contractor you hire is right for you. PNG is currently building its list of Preferred Contractors and it will be made widely available through this website. In the meantime, please contact your local HVAC contractor about PNG’s Commercial Efficient HVAC Controls Program and ask them to contact PNG about how to get on the Preferred Contractor list.

Commercial HVAC Controls – Preferred Contractors

Service AreaPreferred ContractorWebsite URL
Dawson CreekAV-Tech Heating and Service Ltd.
SmithersNorth Central Plumbing & Heating
TelkwaNorth Central Plumbing & Heating
HoustonNorth Central Plumbing & Heating
GranisleNorth Central Plumbing & Heating
Burns LakeNorth Central Plumbing & Heating
TerraceAcadia Northwest Mechanical
SmithersAcadia Northwest Mechanical
Prince RupertAcadia Northwest Mechanical
KitimatAcadia Northwest Mechanical
Dawson CreekNytro Plumbing & Heating (Marion Holdings)
Fort St. JohnNytro Plumbing & Heating (Marion Holdings)
Pouce CoupeNytro Plumbing & Heating (Marion Holdings)
TaylorNytro Plumbing & Heating (Marion Holdings)


For any questions about the program offers, please contact PNG at 1-800-667-2297 or send an email to