Renewable Natural Gas Program

What is Renewable Natural Gas (RNG)?

Renewable natural gas is produced through the anaerobic digestion of organic waste materials, such as food scraps, agricultural and food processing waste, manure and even sewage. Unlike traditional natural gas, it is not a fossil fuel.

Bacteria break down organic materials, which produce biogas – a mixture of methane and carbon dioxide. It is then refined to remove impurities, leaving only methane gas. This processed biogas is called biomethane or Renewable Natural Gas (RNG).

RNG is chemically identical to natural gas and can be delivered through the same pipes. RNG meets our quality standards and can be used for the same purposes as natural gas. 

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Switching to RNG is a simple and flexible process!

You may change or cancel your RNG blend at any time.

The volume you purchase is listed on the itemized invoice detailing your total consumption of natural gas.

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Smart Energy Solutions Top-Up

Sign up for a blend of RNG and save even more when you apply for rebates on efficient  heating equipment through our Smart Energy Solutions program!

Apply for a rebate for:
Residential Dual-Fuel Ducted Heat Pump Top-Up + Add a blend of at least 10% RNG for at least one year = Get an additional rebate of $200
Commercial Dual-Energy Space Heating System Add a blend of at least 15% RNG for at least one year Get an additional rebate of $1,500
Commercial Gas-Fired Heat Pump
Dual-Energy Space Heating System Program for Non-Profits
Gas-Fired Heat Pump Program for Non-Profits