Unclaimed Funds

Outdated Cheques

Occasionally, cheques issued by Pacific Northern Gas Ltd. (PNG) to customers or vendors become outdated because they remain uncashed. This could be because they were unsuccessfully delivered and not returned to PNG or perhaps they’ve been received by the recipient and then lost.

PNG makes reasonable attempts by mail and phone to contact parties who are owed money, however sometimes our efforts are unsuccessful. These unclaimed funds are transferred into a searchable database that is made available on our website. Per the rules laid out in BC’s Unclaimed Property Act and Regulation, our database identifies sums of $50 or more. These items remain active in the database for the time periods prescribed in Article 5.1(1)(a) of the Regulation.

If you believe that PNG may owe you money, you can file an application below to have the funds returned to you.

Search Database for Unclaimed Funds

Search our database of unclaimed funds by entering a name into the search field below.

Submit Request for Unclaimed Funds

The application must be filled out completely, signed, and sent by mail to Pacific Northern Gas Ltd. (PNG) along with copies of at least two (2) forms of identification (preferably those used in previous transactions with PNG). To expedite the process, a copy of a PNG bill for the account you are claiming for would be helpful. If you provide an email address on your application, PNG will contact you by email with confirmation when your application is received. Once your application is submitted, you may contact PNG with any questions regarding your claim by emailing unclaimedfunds@png.ca.

Download Application Form

Checklist – Before you mail your application, please ensure you have:
  1. Completed all areas of the Information About Yourself section.
  2. Completed all possible areas of the Account Information section.
  3. Completed all areas of the Other Personal Information section if you are claiming on behalf of someone else.
  4. Signed and dated the application.
  5. Enclosed copies of at least two (2) forms of identification (e.g. Driver’s Licence, SIN, BC ID).
  6. Enclosed a copy of a PNG bill for the account you are claiming for, if available.

Email your application to unclaimedfunds@png.ca or mail it to:

  • Customer Service
  • Unclaimed Funds
  • Pacific Northern Gas Ltd.
  • 2900 Kerr Street
  • Terrace, BC
  • V8G 4L9