Ways to Pay Your Bill

Ways to Pay Your Bill

PNG offers many bill payment options so you can select what is most convenient for you. 

We also offer a Budget Billing Plan, to use with any payment option, to make budgeting easier by offering 11 equal monthly payments over the year. This helps reduce the seasonal differences in energy costs between the summer and winter months.

If you have questions, our customer service team is available to serve you, at 1-800-667-2297 or customerservice@png.ca.

Payment Options

  1. Pre-Authorized Payment Plan:  Set up to have your PNG bill paid automatically from your bank account each month with our pre-authorized payment plan. Just complete this application form and attach a personal cheque marked VOID and send to customerservice@png.ca (or can be mailed in to the address at the front of your bill). You will still receive a monthly statement which will state the amount that will be withdrawn from your account on your due date.
  2. Mail:  Send a cheque or money order to the address on the front of your bill.
  3. Online or telephone banking:  Contact your financial institution for details.
  4. At your financial institution:  A transaction fee may be charged at the time of payment. You will need to bring a copy of your bill.
  5. Credit Card through our website:  PNG’s online payment system is powered by KUBRA EZ-PAY. This service allows you to make a payment by either Visa or MasterCard. To use this service you will be charged a 1.95% service fee.
  6. Credit Card over the phone:  Visa and MasterCard accepted. Call PNG Customer Care Center at 1-800-667-2297 to be connected to KUBRA EZ-PAY. A 1.95% service fee still applies for telephone payment.

Budget Billing Plan

Any PNG residential or commercial customer whose account is in good standing is eligible for this plan which enables you to pay your annual use over 11, equal, monthly payments.

The plan is based on your billing for the previous year. Your actual consumption is realized at the year end budget billing review. During the review, the plan is ‘balanced’ and any overages are billed to the customer or credits applied. Then the new year of monthly payments is started.

Interested in using the budget billing plan?

Applications are now being accepted for the next enrolment date.

Just fill out the application and email it to customerservice@png.ca. Following your application review, a customer service representative will be in contact with you to confirm your enrolment in advance of activation for August 2021.

New features to serve you better are being added effective August 2021, including PNG being able to offer:

  • A 12-month budget payment plan vs the current 11-month program
  • A 6-month review to ensure the budget amount is accurate and not creating a large debit or credit on your account
  • Adjustments to the budget amount, if needed

To learn more about our new budget billing plan , read our Frequently Asked Questions